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Welcome To Our Website Design & Hosting Services

*Free Website Design and SEO

Looking for clean, sharp, professional website design that will adapt to the future growth of your business or organization? At Zalophus Web Design, we create modern websites for small businesses and organizations that are professional, affordable and easy to maintain with flexible designs for your future growth. Here you will find professional web design services including site design and development, server hosting, domain registration, and search engine optimization. We can also clean up your existing site code so it performs better in the major search rankings by coordinating the key elements of your pages and removing "clutter code."


*Free standard design and SEO with our monthly hosting and maintenance program.

Website Design & Development Process

Most of our web design projects begin with a standard design package. This package includes a design we custom create for you using one of our standard themes or a combination of different theme features that meet your needs. This design can include up to 10 web pages. More pages can be added to the package as needed but most small websites begin with 7-8 pages and grow from there. In addition you can add a variety of special options and features to your website such as social media, WordPress blogs, online stores, rotating banners, photo galleries and online forms. Everything you need to customize your online presence, establish a polished and professional look, and present your customers with a useful and engaging online experience. "Click Here" to learn more about our website development process.

affordable website design and hosting services for small business

Standard Website Design Package

Our Standard Design Package incudes a 10-page website with a design based on one of our standard layouts. Visit our "Design Gallery" to see examples of the design layouts that are available. These designs can be customized to meet your needs and are expandable and adaptable for future updating based on your organization's growth.

affordable website design and hosting services for small business

Deluxe Website Design Package

Upgrade your website design at any time based on the Standard Design Package with customized features to satisfy your particular needs. Blogs, forums, social media marketing, online stores, multimedia galleries, advanced SEO services and more are available for creating a rich online experience for your audience.



Website Hosting & SEO Services

web site hosting and search engine optimization services

Once your design is finished and ready for publishing, we can host and maintain your website for a small monthly fee of $25 per month (12 months with free design and SEO). This service includes the standard tasks necessary to keep your site running smoothly, safe and secure.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your site ranked high on the web browsers so your customers can find you when they search for your services. Because we clean-code your html and control the overall look and feel with style sheet programming, your site will index faster and perform better in the major search engine rankings.


Zalophus Web Design - Our Passion - Your Success

Our Web Design Passion

we are passionate about web design

Owners James & Sandra Fields

We love designing for our clients and enjoy the process of creating functional and interactive content, incorporating solid design philosophy that presents your organization in a unique and professional light. This challenge is our passion and we work hard to achieve creative design layouts and structure that help to drive your success.

"Click here" to see one of our current working projects.

Your Website Success

With Zalophus on your team, our passion for design combines with your plans and dreams to create a custom web design that turns your vision into reality. Bring your website concept to us for a carefully crafted design that will create excitement, generate customer loyalty, and contribute to the overall success of your business.

web design and publishing zalophus



Monthly Website Hosting & Maintenance Program - $25/month

Our regular site maintenance plan may include:

  1. Existing site "tune up"
  2. Shared server space for your site
  3. Site backup and restoration
  4. File scanning for viruses and spyware
  5. Submitting site changes made to search engines
  6. Acting as the technical contact for your domain name
  7. minor changes and updates
  8. Webmaster management for Google and Bing